Automation Testing

Automated software testing is the process of testing software applications by executing pre-scripted tests using testing tools.
Automated testing tools can execute tests, report outcomes and compare results with earlier test runs. Tests carried out with these tools can be run repeatedly, at any time of day. The method or process being used to implement automation is called a test automation framework.

Why Automation Testing?

Why Automation Testing

Smartsourcing Global Automated Testing Services

1) Software Test Automation
Specialized tools are used to execute the test plan.

2) Web Service Automation
Web services’ testing considers functionality and load aspects to test how a Web service performs and scales.

3) Mobile Test Automation
Enables testing on the large variety of devices, and also the rapid changes made to mobile apps.

4) Functional Test Automation
Automation of the testing required to ensure that a product performs as expected.

5) Regression Test Automation
Automated testing to ensure that any changes or new features have not hampered existing functionality.

Automated Testing Services

We have the expertise to provide Automated Testing Services using the following tools:

1) Selenium Webdriver
2) Appium
3) Robotium
4) Jenkins
5) Maven