Financial Enterprise Management Software

Financial Enterprise Management SoftwareClient Profile

This Canada based client provides easy-to-use software solutions for enterprise financial management, which automate and control the entire accounting process.


  • There was a need to enhance security to protect critical assets to ensure that users are restricted where required and engaged where appropriate.

  • Key financial metrics are presented through visualization tools and these needed to be tested.

  • The client was seeking a QA Testing services provider who could understand the financial and accounting domains and quickly learn specifics.

  • The system needed to be tested across many different devices, platforms, browsers and networks to ensure accessibility.


  • Our team developed strategies and performed testing for high-value, high-volume transactions with low latency while ensuring the security of software solutions.

  • We provided a dedicated QA team with the necessary domain expertise, which coordinated with the client’s development team to ensure proper testing of functionality.

  • We helped to evaluate and test specific authentication schemes to ensure that the system is secure and prevent possible vulnerabilities.

  • We managed and ensured superior testing performance across various platforms by simulating all the different possible usage scenarios.


  • Our complete performance testing solution resulted in cost saving, performance visibility and increased reliability for the client.

  • Successfully set up test environments rapidly through our process driven methods, combined with arrangement of testing platforms.