How QA augmentation can help?

QA testing has become an indispensable part of the software development and plays a key role in defining the success of the end product. Though most of the product development companies are familiar with QA testing and are aware of the problems that might arise due to lack of it, there seems to be a lot of confusion around choosing the correct mode of doing QA testing – scaling up the in-house team versus opting for augmentation services.

For past many years, Smartsourcing Global has partnered with some of the best product development companies helping them overcome the challenges related to QA testing that they were facing. Our long term association and continuous engagement with a diverse set of companies reveals that QA augmentation is the most cost effective solution to fulfill the QA testing needs. Augmentation offers many unique advantages against scaling up the internal team and this white papers thoroughly compares these two available options with each other.

What defines the success?

Before we actually compare these two options, it is essential to consider how we define the success for any QA activity. For any software development company, the success indicators for any QA testing activity would be cost efficiency, keeping with the timelines and technical flawlessness. Considering the nature of the activity, it is equally essential that whatever mode one chooses, it takes care of the work load fluctuating as per the active projects and complexities of different projects. In order to choose between in-house QA versus QA augmentation, let us compare both the options against these metrics.

Cost efficiency

Money spent on QA testing ultimately increases the cost of the end product and hence, while comparing different options available for QA testing, one has to evaluate their cost impact along with the quality and thoroughness. Hiring team members is certainly an option costlier than augmentation. It is commonly observed that the need for the QA testing staff varies over the time and hence, reduces the cost efficiency of this option. On the other hand, QA augmentation allows for a flexibility in this regard making the whole process cost efficient. On the other hand, cost of fixing an error increases sharply as the product approaches its completion. QA augmentation ensures you always have enough staff to take care of QA right from the initial phases of the product development.

Timely delivery

Every project comes with a deadline and shipping the product out on time is a must. Not having a QA testing mechanism in place can result unexpected delays impacting the deliver timelines. An in-house team cannot always be able to deliver on time because of different types of projects which might fall outside the expertise of the QA team on board. Hiring additional talent in such situations consumes time. QA augmentation is a more flexible option. Professional QA testing service providers can augment their client’s team with skilled members having required expertise as per the projects. This ensures that a right approach is followed right from the first step eliminating any chances of potential errors which can derail the project in the later stages.

Augmentation could be on premises or remote location based. This makes augmentation a preferred choice is infrastructure and office space is a constrain. Having an off-shore QA partner can also ensure round a clock work flow further reducing the testing timeframes.

Technical correctness

The sole purpose of QA testing is to ensure that a flawless and usable product reaches the end user. If the process of QA testing is itself faulty, errors can go undetected in the delivered product significantly marring the user experience and usability. If peopled by the rightly skilled members, in-house QA testing teams perform equally well when compared with augmented teams. Practically, ensuring that your in-house team is always as per your project requirements is not always feasible. QA testing is becoming more specialized as well as diverse with every passing day. QA augmentation takes care of this challenge as partnering with a professional QA testing agency will ensure that you always get right kind of people to work on projects varied in nature and complexities.