Meeting the Demand for On-Demand Mobile Apps

 Meeting the Demand for On-Demand Mobile Apps

The App economy, which started in a small way in 2008, when Apple launched their App store, has now evolved into a thriving business landscape. Many businesses found that Apps can help them to make a sale, deliver goods or services, receive payments and manage the ongoing customer relationship.

Smart businesses designed Apps that would best fit into the lifestyles and needs of the target market. So if I, as a consumer, am hungry, I should be able to find a meal through an App. If I need to commute, I should be able to find a cab. If I need to travel, I should be able to book a ticket.

As each of my demands are being met by these different Apps, as a class they are now being called ‘on-demand Apps’. The widespread adoption of some of the pioneering on-demand Apps, such as Uber, made a huge impact on the business landscape and created a demand for more.

Today, these Apps cover a wide range of consumer needs, such as ordering flowers, gifts, home maintenance, laundry – the list is endless. If you have products or services in the consumer sector, you should definitely consider creating an on-demand App. This App can become an important aspect of your business strategy and channel for acquiring, servicing and retaining customers.

Let’s look at what the key components of an on-demand App are

  • Booking module
    The user should be able to find what they are looking for easily, and book with as few clicks. As on-demand App tend to be used when the user is very busy with something. For example, he may be out in the rain, looking for a cab for a business meeting. So the easier it is to book, the happier he will be.

  • Payment module
    Offer as many payment options as possible – credit cards, netbanking, eWallets etc.

  • Location
    As on-demand services need to be delivered anytime and anywhere, it is essential to know the location at which the delivery is required, using geo-location technology.

  • Shipping and Delivery
    The consumer functionality is only one side of your business. You will also need systems, technology, and maybe other Apps, to ensure fulfillment, that is, the delivery of the goods or services at the time and place required. You may need to tie-up with external agencies, such as couriers, for this aspect.

  • Push notifications
    Keep the engagement with your users with push notifications from time to time. You can inform them about new launches or special offers through this channel.

Here are the steps to go about creating your own on-demand App

  1. Design
  2. Consider the usage patterns of your target consumer carefully when you design the functionality of the App. How can you make it easy for her to find what she is looking for? How will you deliver it when and where she needs it? How can you make your App more convenient than what she is already using?

  3. Development
  4. As you are primarily a consumer marketing company, it will make sense for you to find an on-demand App development partner, while you focus on your core business. Find a web and mobile application development partner who has technical expertise in the popular mobile platforms such as android and iOS. This mobile application development company should have experience with creating such on-demand service Apps.

    Customers who work with Smartsourcing Global for on-demand App development find real business gains thanks to

    a. Faster go-to-market
    Your on-demand App development project is handled by experts who have developed a number of products end-to-end, so there is a well-defined process that is followed and success and speed of the development is assured. Our team includes experts in all the different areas required, such as coding, QA and UX, so the coordination is smoother and faster.

    b. Technology Edge
    Working with a specialized development team to create your on-demand App, you can focus on your core business and customers, and leave the technology part to us completely. Whether you decide to develop a native app, for a particular operating system such as Objective-C or Swift for iOS or Java for Android app development, or whether you go for a hybrid app, built using HTML5 and JavaScript, we have the expertise on all these and other latest technologies, as well as the most suitable UX and QA tools.

    c. Customized Approach
    Each business is different, and so what are the users’ tastes and expectations, we understand that with on-demand Apps, there is a need to customize the functionality and approach to a great extent, and we will put in that special effort.

    d. Performance
    The speed and performance of the App needs to be maintained across a wide variety of devices. You may need to make frequent changes to functionality, but the performance has to be optimum at all times. Smartsourcing Global is having experience in creating a wide variety of web and mobile Apps, and testing and ensuring high performance will contribute to the success of your App in a major way.

  5. Test Market
  6. Open the App to a few people and study the analytics. Speak to users and ask them how they like it. Your App will need to go through iterative changes before it delights users.

  7. Launch and Marketing
  8. The development is only half the story, you will need to drive adoption by popularizing and marketing your App with the right marketing strategy. You can create a marketing campaign for it, using digital advertising, social media and other channels. You can also promote your App on your existing channels such as your website. App Store Optimization is a systematic approach to improve your App store ranking and key to marketing an App successfully and should be adopted in a systematic manner.

  9. Continuous Improvement
  10. As adoption grows, keep looking at the App analytics. Study which features are working best and which are not. An App has to be improved and updated continuously to keep users engaged and happy. An App that performs well will generate growth in user numbers and revenues. One that does not work well will be uninstalled by users, and your investment in development and marketing will be lost.

How can you estimate the budget for developing such an on-demand App?

Your on-demand App development services company can help you to estimate the budget for development correctly at the start of the project. Your investment will depend on the design and functionality of the App. It will also vary depending on how many modules are required, for example – different modules for the user, the admin, possibly one for partner vendors, and so on. You will need to budget for QA as well, and of course, for marketing once the App is ready.

With a systematic approach towards design, development and marketing, your on-demand App can help you to find new ways to reach and retain customers, and generate revenues.