Outsourced Product Development

 Outsourced Product Development

The strategic objective behind any kind of outsourcing is to focus management bandwidth on high-impact areas, such as design, branding and innovation, while well-defined processes are outsourced. This has been adopted in the manufacturing sector for many years now, and is now becoming increasingly popular for software products, as well.

A company or entrepreneur decides to build a product based on a market opportunity identified. Very often, outsourcing the product development offers the best and fastest route to take the product to market and gain from the opportunity before competition does.

Product development lifecycles are becoming shorter as the race to market becomes increasingly competitive. At the same time, rapid technological advancements require constant study and upgrading of skills. Product development is becoming complex and challenging due to the need for security and scale-ability of products. In this scenario, many software product companies find that product development is best entrusted to specialist service companies.

Some of the advantages offered by Outsourced Product Development are as follows.

  1. Technology
  2. You have the domain and market expertise to define the product functionality. Now comes the time to select the technology stack to build it. At this time, the choice should not be limited to your in-house technology skills. An Outsourced Product Development partner can develop in the most suitable technology stack as they have skilled teams to do this.

  3. Flexibility
  4. There are times when you need a larger team to work on the product development, and other times when the product is quite stable, and only needs maintenance or support. If you are developing in-house, then you need to keep varying your team size to gear up for these evolving needs. This means hiring and training at great speed, and sometimes having to cut back the team. But when you outsource product development, you can ramp up and ramp down the team size based on your product stage and market response.

  5. Focus
  6. Product management requires tremendous focus on product design, customer acquisition, user experience analysis, customer retention and product roadmap creation. You can best focus on these aspects if the product development is being handled by a qualified and dedicated software product development company. The software development company takes care of all the aspects required for coding and QA, such as putting together a team, managing the software development lifecycle – whether traditional or Agile – and training resources, if required.

  7. Speed and Cost
  8. A good Outsourced Product Development company has the experience gained over building many products, right from concept to product and maybe even ongoing customer support. With this experience, this services company has evolved the best practices and processes for product development, which ensure that your product is developed faster and at a more economical cost than it would have been if you were developing in-house. You can take an MVP or a fully built product to market faster and gain a valuable competitive edge.

Smartsourcing Global Outsourced Product Development Services

At Smartsourcing Global, we have worked on the end-to-end development of various software products for applications such ERP, CRM, CMS, inventory management, eCommerce, ad serving and more. We create dedicated teams for product development, QA and support of the product.

Our Outsourced Product Development work has enabled our clients to maximize the ROI on their product development investments. By engaging with us, they gain access to a larger talent pool and a multitude of skill sets. We follow an agile methodology and ensure clear and regular communication and coordination with client teams. We maintain the highest standards of integrity and IP protection.

The flexibility, high quality and excellent customer service we provide has helped us to build many long-term engagements that are partnerships rather than mere outsourcing.