Case Studies

Asian E-Commerce Giant

The firm needed a cost-effective QA Testing services partner to extend their QA team for continuously released online store for various countries. The requirement was of a dynamic partner who can quickly learn the eco-system and technologies and deliver projects with minimum help and supervision and also meet very aggressive schedules.

Mobile Digital Advertising

Top Advertisers and Publishers rely on the Clients Advertising infrastructure for high end video Ad’s to be delivered to the correct users in order to increase user engagement and generate more revenue.
With the large spectrum of mobile devices and releases in multiple countries, Client needed a QA services partner to support the best quality standards for the Ad serving market.

Digital Advertising

The Undertone Quality Guarantee™ ensures that when working with Undertone, your ads appear only on high quality digital publishing stages. The firm has very high end creatives and clients whom they promise quality.
The firm needed a cost-effective QA Testing services partner to extend their QA team for testing web and especially mobile ads.


When an online educational courses portal needed to develop a range of advanced features, we ensured the highest quality, optimum cost, faster development, better accuracy and responsiveness on various form factors and devices.

This portal needed to offer the following advanced features.

  • Interactive & multimedia courses
  • Experimental learning through simulations
  • Support for diverse platforms and screen resolutions

It was essential to ensure the best possible quality while developing these.

Financial Enterprise Management Software

There was a need to enhance security to protect critical assets to ensure that users are restricted where required and engaged where appropriate. Key financial metrics are presented through visualization tools and these needed to be tested.

The client was seeking a QA Testing services provider who could understand the financial and accounting domains and quickly learn specifics. The system needed to be tested across many different devices, platforms, browsers and networks to ensure accessibility.

Wellness Software Solution

The client’s solution is a complex product and needs to comply with various standards in the healthcare domain. We needed to understand these standards while testing the product.

The data of doctors, nurses, patients etc. stored in the dashboards needed to be validated and data synchronization from any third party tool had to be verified.

Extensive testing had to be done to ensure the adequacy, quality and security before opening to users.

Transportation Management System

Client needed a flexible platform that used EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and web services to perform TMS product actions with very minimal programming efforts.

The data stored in the client’s server had to be accessed using the associated web application via the internet. The web application should provide a driver portal for the drivers to know or edit their hours of service logs.

The client required digital transformation to create a futuristic onboard TMS product that will manage several processes and functions to provide accurate and real-time information.