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Online educational courses portal


Ensuring quality in the product development process.

When an online educational courses portal needed to develop a range of advanced features, we ensured the highest quality, optimum cost, faster development, better accuracy and responsiveness on various form factors and devices.

This portal needed to offer the following advanced features.

  • Interactive & multimedia courses
  • Experimental learning through simulations
  • Support for diverse platforms and screen resolutions

It was essential to ensure the best possible quality while developing these.

Feature 1: Interactive & multimedia courses

Our Strategy:

  1. Our team setup QA environments where the application was tested on a number of real devices
  2. We wrote test scenarios and situations for the interactive features of the system and simulated these on various devices and simulators.
  3. Multimedia features were tested thoroughly as we observed that videos and images were referred to extensively by users.

Feature 2: Experimental learning

Our Strategy:

  1. The simulation framework was setup on the QA environment which had endless test scenarios and situations that could be performed; our team not just documented the scenarios but suggested system improvements.
  2. The simulation framework gave users some interactive ways to work on reacting to situations in everyday life and improve management skills. We also incorporated the feature of automatic suggestions to the user.

Feature 3:Support for different platforms and screen resolutions

Our Strategy:

  1. Our team executed all the test scenarios on various real devices at our test lab to ensure quality on all devices.
  2. Our team used emulators and simulators to test on combinations of devices/ browsers / orientations / resolutions / operating systems.


  • Overall improvement in the functionality and performance of the system.
  • Saving of time and cost in the development of new features.

The Smartsourcing Global Approach:

  • We used the real device test lab to ensure multi-platform support.
  • We prepared exhaustive test scenarios to deliver optimum quality.

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