QA Services for Product Development Companies

Software pervades every aspect of life and business today, so developing a software product can be a great business strategy. However, software product development has also become a complex activity, with sky high user expectations. Today’s users are not happy simply with functional success but expect the product to deliver a desired outcome. If they are disappointed with their experience, they will move to a competing option, and there are plenty for them to choose from.
This makes quality in terms of functionality performance and user experience more crucial than ever.
Smartsourcing Global has the expertise, team and experience in place to ensure the quality of software products.

Lack of QA testing – Quality nightmare

Inadequate QA testing can have a huge negative impact on product quality, user experience, and the overall success of the product. Smart software development companies have identified numerous benefits of building quality into the product in parallel with the development instead of testing quality at the very end of product development. Nothing kills a brand as badly as the lack of quality.

For example, in online businesses, the findings of a survey of what frustrates online purchasers the most are shown in this graph. It can be observed that poor processes, bad user experience due to poor design and navigation, cross device experience significantly affect the online purchases.
Sound QA practices can eliminate most of these as well as other issues that impact product performance.

Quality Nightmare

There are many benefits to working with a specialized QA team and many great products depend on such teams. This document outlines the advantages they offer

QA Challenges in the Product Development

Complex Nature

Complex nature of products

Software products are becoming more and more complex. If we look at the consumer web, product development has become more complex due to:

  • Different devices, screen sizes and browsers
  • Variety of user languages, various payment integrations
  • Different and evolving legal requirements of different countries
Frequent Updates

Frequent updates and tight timelines

Product development is a continuous process, often requiring daily releases, so the QA has to keep pace and provide rapid feedback to the development team.

Lack of Access

Lack of Access to Qualified Resources

As products become more complex, so does the QA process they need. If qualified resources and skills are not available, the quality of the QA is compromised. This causes defects to show up at a later stage, which creates multiple problems in product release schedules and development budgets.

The Solution? Partner with an expert QA agency!

A strategic, long term partnership with a QA company ensures that the challenges are managed and the Product Development team can focus on their core responsibilities.


While the code structure may not be known to the outsourced agency, an experienced QA partner can still draw on the experience of having worked on various products from multiple domains. Such an agency is better equipped to predict and test for compatibility issues, fringe cases, validations and many environmental dependencies like browser or mobile device settings, connectivity strength etc. Experts can quickly predict the most obvious bugs just by observing the code structure and architecture.


Thorough testing requires that correct test environments be set up. Constant upgrading of skills and resources of the QA team members is also needed in keeping with the evolution of the product.
Putting this QA infrastructure in place often does not make business sense for a product development company, so many opt to have a lean team on board which co-ordinates between the development team and the external QA agency.
This enables a streamlined function at a competitive price and additional business benefits such as improved processes and communication.


The fast pace of innovation in software products means that the team needs to be have a laser sharp focus on product development. This is where a strategic partnership with a QA team, whose core focus in Quality, adds tremendous value.

The Solution